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What is a 3D Pendant?

A 3D Pendant is actually a miniature sculpture created by our artisans in 3D of your baby, pet or any loved one. These sculptures are created digitally on advanced software tools and require a high amount of skill. The model is created akin to a sculpture created in clay however the tools used in this case are digital.

Advantages of 3D Pendant?

  • 3D gives depth to the face as if its a miniature sculpture
  • Gives a classic look to be treasured for a lifetime
  • Intricate details can be incorporated
  • Long lasting as the details are cast in gold and not etched or laser engraved

What is a 2D Picture Pendant?

 2D Picture Pendants are custom made pendants with different designs with an image of your loved one. We have a special proprietary procedure to make these custom pendants and for each pendant we require a picture of your loved one.
Jewellery usually is a symbol of personal statement and what more than having a personalized custom pendant with a picture of your loved one as the centerpiece

  • Symbol of personalized jewellery with your loved one
  • Remembrance pendants of your loved ones
  • Gives meaning to a piece of jewellery

Our Video Collection

Our pendants are symbols of love so that your loved one always remain close to your heart

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“ The pendant was very beautiful and the image was neatly curated on the
metal. I would definitely recommend their services”
Mr Pradip from Ahmedabad, Gujarat

“This is the best gift I have given to my spouse as it was extremely
personal and thoughtful – thank you close to my heart jewellery for this
wonderful option”
Mr Santosh Singh from Bharuch – Gujarat

“I was really surprised to see the wonderful pendant that was made with the image I sent to close to my heart jewellery. My kids loved it as a birthday present and they loved wearing it”
Mrs Madhavi Vaishnav – Abhinandan Building, Juhu Scheme, Mumbai

“My father was very close to me and I always wanted a souvenir with his face on it. When I received the pendant from close to my heart jewellery, it was a delight to see the result as I never would have imagined such a thing was possible”
Mr Jayesh Somaiya, Andheri (W),Mumbai.

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